I suffered with Ileocecal Valve Syndrome for years. I lost weight from eating less because I was afraid to eat certain foods. When Dr. Ferola explained how his program would add nutrition to my diet, it made sense to me. I have seen very good results and feel so much better than I did. I look forward to living my life without the pain and discomfort I had for so many years.

Thank you Dr. Rick,
Martha C., SC

I have been using the whole food and functional food supplements that Dr. Ferola recommends for many years, and it still never fails to amaze me how my digestive system functions so smoothly. I particularly like that I get gas much less frequently than in my former days, and, of course, it’s much less noticeable, which is a very big social benefit! That extra boost of energy that I also feel from my whole food supplements is a great way to avoid the afternoon letdown that I used to feel, before I was taking them.


My sister was suffering from severe digestive symptoms for nearly 10 years—a famous medical clinic diagnosed it, but all they could offer her was a prescription for phenobarbital. What a life, huh? So she was utterly depressed and very weak & frail from this illness when I discovered Dr. Ferola’s nutritional solution. In a week, she was a different person. She lives a thousand miles from me, and I could tell the difference just in her voice on the telephone. That was several years ago, and she has lived a perfectly healthy and busy life since starting on these products. Actually, about 6 months after starting them, it was Christmas time and she was thinking that she couldn’t afford them, so stopped without mentioning it to me. But I could tell, again just from conversing over the phone, and asked her if she had stopped taking the nutritional products. She was so shocked that I could tell so easily that she has stayed on them every since. Since then, she shared the information about these products with a friend with terrible digestive symptoms, with the same dramatic result. Also, I told a friend with a digestive disorder about my sister’s experience, and she responded immediately to the broad spectrum digestive supplements and superfoods, and has virtually eliminated all of her food allergies over the last couple of years. This is truly an amazing solution!


I have several patients whose digestive disorders have essentially been corrected, using the supplements that Dr. Ferola recommends. They are currently disease free on colonoscopy using these products, after about 6 months. Granted these illnesses have their cycles, but these are pretty impressive anecdotes nonetheless.

Tom B., M.D.

I must tell you about the digestive and whole food supplements that I have been taking now for a while!!! They are the best! I happily report to you that they are everything I was looking for!!!!
I do not know which supplements that Dr. Ferola recommends are working – or they are working together – but they do work miracles and I am so glad that you told me about them!!!!! :-D
I do not need to do any enemas now at all which is excellent!!!!!!!!!

D., OR

Our son has struggled with severe, continual bouts of diarrhea and upset stomachs, etc. For many months, much of what he ate had become like an enemy. It became increasingly hard to get him to school, and in one calendar month in April, just before we started taking the products Dr. Ferola recommends, he missed 10 school days. We had no idea that that these products would free him from this debilitating cycle, but they eventually did. It is wonderful for him to be able to once again eat common foods and not be anxious about what the fallout would be. A bonus is the control of his allergy symptoms, a beautiful complexion and his ability to get out of bed relatively early (for a teenager!) and motivated to start his day. Thank you, Dr. Ferola, for your tremendous help!

Linda B., PA

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