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Natural Solutions for Ileo-cecal Valve Syndrome


Discover what you need to know to reverse your ileo-cecal valve syndrome, naturally!

You deserve extraordinary health that lasts a lifetime.


I’m Dr. Rick Ferola and have spent many years researching nutritional solutions.

If you are looking for a natural solution for your ileo-cecal valve disorder that really works and addresses the underlying causes of poor digestive health, possibly saving you thousands of dollars, I am here to help you:


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My Story

dr. rick ferola

For many years I suffered with ileo-cecal valve syndrome.  IVS affects over half the population.  Most people don’t have a name for it, but they do have some of the symptoms.  IVS affects the small and large intestines causing them not to work together. This imbalance leads to a lot of painful symptoms and disease. For as long as I can remember I suffered from this horrible condition with pain, bloating, gas, as well as painful joints and toxic headaches.  I thought I would just have to live with it for the rest of my life.

I studied nutrition in college and after I graduated continued to search for relief.  Surgery was not the answer and drugs are just as dangerous, due to the side effects. I knew too many people who got very little relief from drugs, and some even got worse. I changed what I ate as I got closer to my 20’s.  Less sugar and dairy, but I still had the pain and constipation. Some foods made it worse, so I wasn’t sure what to eat.

I knew there had to be a better way. Then I read about unique, organic whole food and “functional food” supplements that promised relief from my symptoms as well as more energy. After doing more research, I thought it was worth a try, since every afternoon I was useless and worn out.

Wow, was I surprised that in time, I saw an improvement in my energy level and soon also noticed a change in my symptoms.

I have since been symptom-free for years.

Many of my clients also suffer from this disease and have tried many things to get relief.  Some of them have tried drug after drug with very little relief.  That’s why it’s my mission to provide information about these extraordinary whole food and functional food supplements to anyone who wants better health for themselves and their family.

If you would like more information and/or a complementary consultation please contact me or fill out the consultation form.

With warm regards,
Dr. Rick Ferola


Suffering from the horrific and painful symptoms of ileocecal valve syndrome is not your inescapable destiny.  I will teach you how to use a natural diet and a whole food supplement program to heal your ileo-cecal valve condition for good.

Click here to request a free consultation and we will be with you every step of the way with specific recommendations.  So, let the journey begin and we sincerely hope that the information provided in this website will lead you to a much healthier life.

You might also want to read the testimonials  from a few of the many clients with whom we have worked to help their intestinal tract heal naturally – and to help them get their lives back.


What is our health philosophy?

We believe that the best approach to health is to work with whole foods, not man-made supplements.   Simply put:

“The quality of our health reflects in large measure the quality of the foods we eat and the water we drink, from which our bodies are made.”

Our health philosophy is based on the fact that our body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair, and defend itself when given natural, high quality, full spectrum nutrients. The result of this philosophy is to depend on whole foods and whole food supplements from natural and organically grown foods to enhance the quality of the body’s performance (physical, mental, and emotional).

I’ve worked with many individuals with health problems and my recommendations to them are always based on the philosophy that “Food is the best medicine.”

I would like to teach you about it, and coach you in the process of how to heal your intestinal tract  naturally, just as I have for others.

For your complementary consultation:

Click here to get a short list of questions that will tell me more about your condition, your diet, etc.  I do not charge for a personalized consultation so you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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